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Medium-sized cross-border M&A projects and introduction of overseas investors

Large number of introduction results, from listed companies to family businesses

Nakamoto & Company believes that one of the solutions for Japan to regain economic power is cross-border M&A for medium-sized enterprises that require prompt globalization and business structural changes as a management fixing strategy. Our projects range in size from hundreds of millions to billions of yen. 

We offer a service for firms to achieve significant results from this business option by introducing projects for medium-sized cross-border M&A based on three key terms: “Plenty of project information,” “Channels with overseas investors,” and “Fast-paced business promotion,” through cooperation with our group company Nakamoto and Associates. 

You can learn more and access our rich and new information straightaway by consulting us. 

For Sellers

Finding investors worldwide and transforming current situations into opportunities

Enterprises find opportunities for dynamic overseas business development while they are financing from overseas investors.

This is the great benefit of cooperation with overseas investors and is not expected from business succession between domestic companies.

It is also an advantage offered by cross-border M&As by transforming situations for the sale of businesses or receipt of investments into opportunities. 


Trust comes first

M&As begin with a non-disclosure agreement.

The client signs a non-disclosure agreement not only with Nakamoto & Company but also with the opposite party. All relevant parties thus treat the client’s information with the utmost care throughout the process.

Some clients have in the past attempted to conceal violations of laws or administrative punishment from governmental authorities, but this does not work for our services.

Mutual trust between Nakamoto & Company and overseas parties is our highest priority. Our business consists of a network of reliable partners. 


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